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Cabinet of Curiosity

The six items I've chosen for my cabinet of curiosity is themed "Nostalgia of the creator" Each item represents my emotional connection to the process of creating. As the creator, I do not need these items to create nor do I use them in my creations, But the emotional messages that each of them embodies gives me the inspiration I need to be a successful artist.

The engraved driftwood encrusted with sand and hard to read lettering makes me think of the natural environment of The Pacific Rim rainforest and the crashing of waves on the Tofino shoreline, This place has always brought me a sense of peace and calm an. Tofino, is a place we visit to reset and restart each yea. Much as how the Brass Plant Mister makes me think of my island home of Jamaica. Both items hold a sense of nostalgia and nurturing similarly to the painting of Silly Reindeer, created by my son. The image of the reindeer with his silly eyes and tiny antlers is a whimsical painting from a child with an expansive imagination. The reindeer is a caricature of himself and almost mystical in his whimsy.

The 1970's figurine of a black woman speaks to the appreciation of the human form. This is especially important to me as this is at a time when being black was a sometimes a heavy weight to bear. The Yashica Super 8 camera is a great crossover between times, capturing film and capturing moments is much easier to do now on our cellular devices. This instrument serves as a literal eye a looking glass of sorts in the documentation of moments. The brass cat is a little whimsical and ties together the overall theme of nostalgia of a the creator, looking past the kitsch of the lashes and unto the construction of the item, one will notice this is actually quite expertly made. It offers us a light take of technical ability and wonder.

Brass Plant Mister

I acquired this brass mister through an estate sale. The estate had belonged to the wife of a florist who collected several plant paraphernalia. This plant mister is made from brass and is small in size with a pump to expel water from the mister to houseplants. I was immediately drawn to this item because of my love of the garden and growing plants. I'm also a lover of indoor plants and uses this mister quite a bit. Indoor tropical plants remind me of growing up in Jamaica, and it's one of my ways of keeping a piece of home alive and close to me.

Tofino Driftwood

This piece of driftwood reads ;

"Whatever you do, Do it with all your heart." The driftwood is an organic piece of wood that has been bleach by the sun and has beautiful striations of light and dark colouring in the wood's grain. There is some embedded sand on the back of the driftwood, which feels like taking a piece of the beach home .

I bought this piece of wood in Tofino several years ago. Every summer, my family and I travel to Tofino for a weekend. Typically, we look forward to this for many weeks and plan out our excursions. On this particular visit, we happened upon a farmer's market and we wanted to buy something that memorized our visit to the island. This was perfect because it was not manmade and it is something from the endless beaches of Tofino, which we love, and it reminds me of the beach each time I see it.

Yashica Movie Camera

The Yashica movie camera is a vintage Super 8 movie camera. The camera is a cube-like shape with sharp angles and various dials. The camera also features small circular lenses that are adjustable, making it great for taking videos closeup or faraway. What is most striking about this camera is how heavy it is. Made from solid metal, it's unbelievable how heavy this is in comparison to cameras of today.

I bought this camera at a flea market back in the early 2000s. I bought this to use for analogue video making but also because of the construction. The camera, while functional, looks beautiful displayed in a cabinet or on a shelf. I'm emotionally tied to this piece as it is the first piece in my immense collection of vintage and antique cameras.

I've made one film with this camera and intend to make many more.

Silly Riendeer

Silly Reindeer is a painting created by my son Ben in Kindergarten. The painting is of a boy who is also a reindeer thinking about a reindeer in a field where reindeers live As explained by the artist.

This was work by Ben was his first large and completed painting he brought home as his proud mom, I fell in love with this piece immediately and displayed in our home studio. I'm impressed by the use of materials and composition of the work. The thought and creativity placed in the work is also a personal favourite of mine. But it's the emotional connection of being an artist and a mother, a feeling as if my child is somehow following in my footsteps.


This is a miniature statue figurine of a seated nude black woman with an afro. The figurine's hair and legs are painted gold. The rest of the figure is glazed in a rich black, glossy glaze.

I bought this item at a flea market. When I saw this piece, I ran over to the table and examined it. I was shocked that it was only $5.00. I felt as if this little statue embodied almost everything I loved about art. I usually depict black women in my work, but not only that, the hair of my subjects almost always have an afro. As well as reminding me of my own work, this piece is reminiscent of the 1970's Blaxpoliation movement. The Blaxploitation movement was a cinema movement in which black actors, directors, writers and movie makers were telling our own stories. The movement created such movies as

"Cleopatra Jones and Foxy Brown to name a few. I'm a huge fan of these movies. This period in black history was a satirical take on black culture of the time so this little figurine embodied quite a few subjects that shaped my personal and artistic identity.

Brass Cat.

Brass cat is a figurine of a cat with a large head with eyelashes mimicking human eyelashes. The cat is crouching with an elongated tail.My partner bought me this little figure as a gag gift. He knows I love brass items and cats, and that was his motivation behind buying the item but it quickly became a favourite because of the odd stylized face of the cat. Lash cat as the figurine is affectionately known reminds me of old illustrations of animals. The lashes and strange smile amused me and it has quickly become a conversation piece for those visiting my studio.

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