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Knight, Death and The Devil.

I've always been fascinated by Durer's work. As a painter Durer is exceptional and his work is unbelievable to look at. As a printmaker however, I feel this is where Durer truly shows the strengths of his talent. I've found myself examining Durer's prints with some disbelief as to how he is able to achieve such fine detail and line work.

In the Knight Death and the Devil, Durer creates a print with so much symbology and underline meanings, It's difficult to find a focal point right away. But our eyes are drawn to the Knight gallantly riding along, Then we are greeted by the death holding an hour glass almost saying time is running out. There is also a half goat half human figure which one we would associate as the devil.

What makes this work impactful is the way in which Durer arrange all the subjects in the forefront of the picture. Us the viewers are forced to examine and make sense of what is taking place with the figures right away. Asking ourselves questions such as, What is the significance of the animals. The dog for instances runs along the side of the knight's horse as his faithful servant. The knight seems to have his gaze fixed straight ahead and not getting distracted by Death and The Devil.

Overall, This engraving/etching is exceptional. Durer's use of cross hatch fine lifework creates depth of light and darkness giving the images a three dimensional feeling. It's as though you could step into this work. Durer is utilizing the science in the way he has rendered down to the muscle structure of the horse and three point perspective. This we can see with the city off in the distance.



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