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"An artist's duty, as far as I'm concerned, is to reflect the times. "

- Nina Simone

I immigrated to Canada at fourteen years old. I turned to art as a way to cope
with what my identity would be in my new country and community. Suffering a
considerable bout of culture shock and a sense of not belonging. I began drawing
and painting self-portraits. My self-portraits later evolved into simple drawn
portraits of the same woman in various forms.
I use a variety of Fine Art techniques to convey my story, but most
specifically sculpture, painting, and photography are the three mediums which are
most fascinating for me. Found object sculpting is of particular interest to me;
manipulating objects that once were made for a specific purpose and repurposing
them to have a completely different meaning and use adds to my excitement. 

My two-dimensional works of woman are primarily of black women. These paintings and drawings are in part some aspects of myself infused in my work. My usage of bold colors is a direct correlation between my Caribbean heritage and visual exploration of the story color is able to tell.At times my art has been the thread which helps to weave the story of my life together. Through researching for art pieces, I have unearthed and gathered knowledge of my culture which I would’ve never otherwise known. It is through these practices and techniques that I begin to tell the story of my ancestral past. The research and process of making my body of work have given me a greater appreciation of the black experience in the Americas and beyond. Though visually my work is very afro-centric I try to depict human emotions in every piece created.Putting a human face on the stories being told through my work facilitates the conversations of how far we’ve come as simple humans.


2003 - 2005

Studio Art Diploma, Capilano University

2015 - 2015

The American South: Its Stories Music and Art Certificate - University Of North Carolina at

Chapel Hill

2018 - Present

Bachelor Of Fine Arts, University Of The Fraser Valley - School of Fine Arts





Cover Art -  We Have A Voice: An Anthology of African and Caribbean Student Writing in British Columbia 


Article - Syncopated Soul Review - North Shore News


Solo (Selected)




New Life Rising - Calabash Bistro - Vancouver

The Untitled Show - Cafe De Soliel - Vancouver

"Never Understood Nothing" The Lotus - Vancouver, Canada

Group (Selected)

Diversion, Mission Arts Council B.C. Canada



Modern Surrealism, Harrison's Hot Spring Arts Council, B.C., Canada


Art at the Authority, Mission B.C., Canada


Water, Mission Arts Council, Mission B.C., Canada


49 to 74, Murbury Gallery, New York City, U.S.A., Canada


Art 4 Life, Port Moody Arts Council, Port Moody B.C., Canada




Anonymous Show - North Vancouver Arts Council, North Vancouver, Canada

Art Of Photography - Harmony Arts Festival -West Vancouver, Canada

Syncopated Soul - District Of North Vancouver, North Vancouver, Canada

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