Artist Statement

Natoya is a multidisciplinary artist using mixed media and installations to normalizing black womanhood in contemporary spaces. Natoya's work examines the stereotypes associated with how Blackness is often perceived in the spaces she occupies. She believes,  In order to bring into context the present, we must revisits the pass by acquiring documents such as proof of the sale of slaves and children. Using these historical findings as a point of reference, she incorporates archived documents in her large collage pieces with Black figures silhouetted among the findings. She is giving a visual representation of a black body that would otherwise be lost with time. 


Natoya's portrait of black women is posed in front of simplified and deconstructed backgrounds rendering in a way that the viewer is faced with all the micro emotions of the piece. These paintings and illustrations explore the nuances of Black beauty and mental illness perpetuated by the stereotype of matriarchal strength. They discuss a variety of troubling subjects such as rape, kidnapping, forced marriages and changed identities. 

In her sculptures and installation, she utilizes various mixed media techniques to tell of the uniqueness of being a woman and Black, Discussing the tender subject of hair, hair types, hairstyles such as hair braiding and a return to Afrocentricity as well as caring for the melinanted skin. 

These day to day ritualist habits are what sets the cultural pinnacle.

Her work serves as a cultural discussion, and  Natoya invites us to view and humanize black bodies without the stereotype.


2003 - 2005

Studio Art Diploma, Capilano University

2015 - 2015

The American South: Its Stories Music and Art Certificate - University Of North Carolina at

Chapel Hill

2018 - Present

BFA, University Of The Fraser Valley - School of Creative Arts


Black Artist Research Space, 



Vancouver Sun, Black Influencers


Paperblanks, 10 Questions with Natoya


UBC Press, Cover Art -  We Have A Voice: An Anthology of African and Caribbean Student Writing in British Columbia 


North Shore News,

Article - Syncopated Soul Review 






New Life Rising - Calabash Bistro - Vancouver

The Untitled Show - Cafe De Soliel - Vancouver

"Never Understood Nothing" The Lotus - Vancouver, Canada


Diversion, Mission Arts Council B.C. Canada



Modern Surrealism, Harrison's Hot Spring Arts Council, B.C., Canada


Art at the Authority, Mission B.C., Canada


Water, Mission Arts Council, Mission B.C., Canada


49 to 74, Murbury Gallery, New York City, U.S.A., Canada


Art 4 Life, Port Moody Arts Council, Port Moody B.C., Canada




Anonymous Show - North Vancouver Arts Council, North Vancouver, Canada

Art Of Photography - Harmony Arts Festival -West Vancouver, Canada

Syncopated Soul - District Of North Vancouver, North Vancouver, Canada

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