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From Whappie Kill Fillup, Time Immemorial

From Whappie Kill Fillup is a Jamaican colloquial term used to express time immemorial. No one is sure who Whappie may have been and why he killed Fillup. Therefore this is a creation story which no one has any memory of its origin.

Through this work, I aimed to resolve the taboo of a racial and spiritual ceremonial event. The central figure is a young Black woman being washed in blood by an obeah woman (Voodoo Priestess)

The work is silhouetted against a dark background since the practice is still considered evil in Jamaica and many regions of the Caribbean. The presence of blood in this work is a signifier which exists in the practice of voodoo and also a literal connective substance which begets family.

The expression of both the Voodoo Priestess and the young woman is reverent. There is no evil present inviting the viewer to contemplate the act which is being performed.

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